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My Life Alignment journey began in 1997 at a time in my life I needed guidance. I agreed to be a ‘case study’ for my sister-in-law, who had just learnt the first module with Jeff Levin, the founder and developer of Life Alignment.


Flapping though pages, muttering under her breath that she didn’t really know what she was doing, she proceeded to give me an eye opening and life changing treatment. 


It brought such profound changes not only into my own life, but also into my family’s life.


I knew immediately that this was something I HAD to learn. 


It was eight months before I finally met Jeff and trained under him. It was a great lesson in patience. 


Having newly qualified, my family and I immigrated to the UK in 1999. I was the very first Life Alignment Practitioner in the UK and I built up a buzzing practice.  Soon, I had a group of people wanting to learn Life Alignment, too.


I visited South Africa the following year to continue my advanced training and in 2001 I became a Master Practitioner and Teacher.


By 2004, I had a group of practitioners wishing to learn how to teach, and after suitable training with Jeff Levin he gave me the go ahead.


With more than 20 years experience, I have worked with clients from all backgrounds and taught many students in the UK, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Morocco.   

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As a Life Alignment Practitioner

ONE TO ONE TREATMENT: Together we explore what holds you back and clear old programming


HOME ALIGNMENT: Balance the home energetically to bring in harmony and support to those living there 

LIFE PURPOSE ALIGNMENTAddress your life purpose and direction to ensure you are on the right path

ORGANISATION ALIGNMENTWorking with businesses, we focus on bringing out the best in everyone involved there

As a Life Alignment Teacher


Foundation Course - Body Spin

Life Alignment - Module 1

Life Alignment - Module 2


Life Alignment - Module 3 (Part 1 with Cherry and Part 2 with Dr Jeff Levin)


Vortex Alignment

Home Alignment

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