In a treatment, known as a balance, we will explore the ‘story’ that is causing a blockage in the flow of energy in your body. 


As all information of all things has been stored in the cellular memory of your body, we work with your body’s higher agenda, to find the priority or gateway to the specific blockage. This is done by muscle testing (a feedback process).


Together we will release the blockage and open up the pathways to your innate wisdom, guidance and intuition that allow the energy to begin to flow and restore you to self-empowerment, fulfilment and harmony in alignment with your True Nature.


After the session, there may be a need to lock in the new energy with ‘homework’ such as supplements, nutrition, exercise, journal writing or play to name just a few.


Together we decide when to book your next appointment as we want to allow time and space to integrate this session.

£100 per session (90 minutes)

L N - London
D A - London
P J - London


Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation can have a lasting and life changing impact on one’s health and wellbeing.  Today, being constantly bombarded by environmental toxicity, our body’s energy system is being severely challenged and compromised. 


A Home Alignment session identifies these invasive energies, and demonstrates ways to protect, harmonise and enhance your space, bringing you into alignment with your environment, home and body.


When the energy flow has been restored, appropriate treatments or adjustments are made in the home itself to hold this new energy.  These could include adding or removing certain items, placing a mirror, introducing colours or textures or clearing a space.


Home Alignment should be done on an annual basis to maintain the flow of energy.


£350 for the first session (4 hours)

£125 for each subsequent session (2 hours)


Any cards required are an additional charge

A S & P K - Gothenburg
P J - Hatfield
M W - Norway


Life Purpose Alignment addresses our life direction and purpose.  Throughout the different stages of our lives, our life purpose changes and we may become stuck and unhappy and feel unable to follow our hearts’ desire through fear, pressure or lack of clarity and trust.


In the process, we identify the aspect of our life with which we need to come into harmony and this becomes the focus of the balance. 


In order to balance this, we find the qualities that are to manifest to create deeper connection and understanding of our true purpose.  For example, these may be boldness, co-creation, leadership or vision. 


Once the patterns are released and balanced, we can align with our true direction and purpose with clarity and vision and provide direction to activate success and fulfilment.

£350 (4 hours)



Organisations are made up of people all working together and the ideal scenario is that everyone is moving the organisation smoothly in the same direction.


The reality is that each person has their own subconscious belief system, issues and agendas that influence that direction, often creating disruption to the smooth flow of the organisation.


Organisation Alignment works with the “higher self” of the organisation, and brings organisations, and all those who are involved, into alignment. And future planning becomes smoother as a clearer vision emerges.


£300 for the first session (3 hours)

£150 for each subsequent session (2 hours, and usually 3 to 4 sessions are required) 

£700 should you wish to do it all in one day (8 hours)


Prices include preparation and a written report at the end of the sessions

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