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Foundation Course - Body Spin: Taught by Cherry Tyfield | 4 day course | £400


Body Spin is the entry into Life Alignment’s entire system of healing and the foundation level for the Practitioner training.  It can be incorporated into existing healing modalities or as a standalone therapy.  Body Spin workshops provide a gentle and powerful introduction to working with energy.

Life Alignment Module 1: Taught by Cherry Tyfield | 3 day course | £300

To work towards Practitioner Level, Module 1 focuses on the method of the balancing procedure, a deeper understanding into energy and the Life Alignment system of healing.

Life Alignment Module 2: Taught by Cherry Tyfield | 5 day course | £500

Module 2 is the final part of the Practitioner course and focuses on the emotional process, by identifying and releasing the ‘life stories’ that prevent the expression of one’s True Self.  This is a very important aspect and is integral to all of Life Alignment.


Life Alignment Module 3: Part I taught by Cherry Tyfield, Part II taught by Dr Jeff Levin | 5 day course | £600

Life Alignment Module 4: Taught by Dr Jeff Levin | 5 day course | £600

Life Alignment Module 5: Taught by Dr Jeff Levin | 4 day course | £600

Life Alignment Module 6: Taught by Dr Jeff Levin | 6 day course | £600

To continue upon your healing journey to Advanced Practitioner level, Modules 3, 4, 5 and 6 add a profound and deepened understanding to the skills already learned and help to refine and enhance your own practice and personal self-development. These modules are not compulsory, but are highly recommended as well, and also require case studies for certification as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. These are residential workshops with time to do some deep work in a loving, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere.

Life Alignment Module 7: Taught by Dr Jeff Levin | 6 day course | £600

Module 7 takes Life Alignment to a whole new dimension with new frequencies and procedures being introduced. During this 4 day course, we will set in motion the energy of the heart centre, tune into unconditional love and reaffirm our Quality of Being in this beautiful world. 


Vortex Alignment: Taught by Cherry Tyfield | 4 day course | £400

Vortex Alignment brings a different element to Life Alignment that uses a range of Vortex Cards to help balance and protect people’s energy and homes from environmental pollution and toxicity.  Their function is twofold and can be used on the body for personal healing or energetically to bring balance to our environment, food and water, nature, mobile phones and air.  It levels the playing field through accelerating the healing and is not reliant on the experience of the Practitioner.

Home Alignment: Taught by Cherry Tyfield | 5 day course | £500

Walls  tell  a  story.  As  we  hold  memory  in  our  bodies,  so  does  our environment  hold  memory  in  its  ‘body’.  Home  Alignment accesses the imbalances   and   blockages   in   our   personal   space   and   our relationship  within  it.  When  the  flow  of  energy within  that  space becomes  blocked,  it  is  often  reflected  in  our  personal  lives. Home Alignment   addresses   these imbalances and corrects the flow of energy, creating harmony and well being.

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