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Vortex Seat

Vortex Seat


    The Vortex Seat includes seven Vortex Cards – Rainbow, Mobile Phone, Triangle (Earth), Octagon, Restore, Opener and Receptivity Cards.   It has been designed for the following functions:

    - Helps to keep the energy flowing up and down the spine, hence supporting the alignment of the skeletal structure. At the same time it keeps the flow of energy through the chakra’s – Rainbow Card

    - Protection from Electro-Magnetic radiation from computers, airplanes, motor cars and wi-fi – Rainbow and Mobile Phone Cards

    - Grounding and Earthing – Triangle (Earth) Card

    - Release of stuck, negative energy – Octagon Card

    - Assisting in maintaining Longevity – Restore Card

    - Opening to inspiration when thinking, writing or meditating – Opener and Receptivity Cards


    The Vortex Seat consists of two panels (the back part and the base part).  The logo is positioned on the top panel in contact with the user’s back.

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