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Vortex Mat

Vortex Mat


    The Vortex Mat is designed to balance and recharge all the energy fields of the body - such as the Chakra’s, Subtle bodies, Causal bodies, Merkaba field and the Torus field.  The Mat contains 17 vortex cards that have been especially modified for it.

    It includes the 6 Merkaba cards, 4 Power cards, 2 Torus cards, Rainbow, Tree of Life, Presence, Small Generator and a completely new card called Restore. Restore helps to activate the Telomeres, Stem cells and other functions related to anti-aging.  All of these cards have been placed very accurately to create a powerful field of energy that are not dependant on where a person lies on the Mat.

    The Mat is also designed to balance clients on from the beginning of the balance in contrast to the normal process of placing cards later in the balance.

    There are 5 ways of using the Mat:

    Standard Mode The user lies with their head at the side of the Life Alignment logo or in the first edition, the small blue tag on
    the edge.  This side has the effect of uplifting the energy.  The typical experience is a movement of energy at the head and heart,
    which slowly moves down the body.  The experience is one of great lightness and strong energy in the body.

    Grounding Mode  Head opposite from the logo/tab on the same side.  The experience here is one of grounding.  The user feels heavy as
    against the light feeling in Standard mode.  Deep healing occurs here as in the standard mode together with a deep feeling of presence.

    Activate/ Charge Mode  On the opposite/underside side of the Mat with head on the side of the logo/tab.  This is used for activating
    stuck patterns, bringing them up to the surface.  One feels charged with energy

    Relaxation Mode  Still on the opposite/underside side of the Mat, the head is placed on the opposite side of the Activate Mode.  This
    is for relaxation of the nervous system and sleep.  It is possible to sleep on this side throughout the night.

    Long Distance Healing  The very strong field of the Mat can be used for Remote Healing.  The hair samples/ signatures are placed on
    the small logo or 15cm (6”) above the centre line in the middle of the Mat towards the blue tag.  One can check if other cards are
    needed and place them around the location.  This is the normal position for remote healing, but the other/underside side of the Mat at
    the same location can be used, 15cm (6”) above the centre line.

    The Mat is folded by first folding the longitudinal folds inwards and then the cross folds.  Please place a sheet over the Mat when in use to protect it, although it is made of car seat material and has been Scotch guarded.

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