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Vortex Body Pad


Vortex Body Pad


    The Vortex Body Pad includes six completely new Vortex cards placed in a hexagonal form that helps to create a focus of high frequency energy to a particular part of the body or chakra. Placed on the preferred/ needed body part, it works with the process of transforming a low frequency to a higher frequency.

    The Pad is of great use for chakra healing. Working on these pathways of energy transfers life force into the relative organs or body parts.

    It also is very practical to use on areas of pain and helps to accelerate the healing process, creating a feeling of upliftment and alleviation of pain.

    Material: Resilient car seat material, polyester. The Vortex Body Pad is an intuitively usable product that can be easily applied with and without the consultancy of a practitioner.

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