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The Healing Power of Life Alignment by Philippa Lubbock


The Healing Power of Life Alignment by Philippa Lubbock


    The Healing Power of Life Alignment will show you that you hold the power to heal and transform all aspects of your life.

    We know why we are here and how to manifest the life we want; we’ve simply forgotten that the power to change, and align with our soul’s purpose, is already within us.

    Here is the story of an advanced form of energy medicine that has, over 25 years, been transmitted to one man – master healer, Jeff Levin.

    The central message is self-empowerment through changing our mind – creating a different view.  By tapping into our super-conscious level of mind that knows the root cause of our problem, we release (energetically) fear, trauma and self-limiting beliefs.  Changing your mind, changes how you feel and this changes your body’s chemistry – often instantly.

    With its roots in cell biology, neuroscience and spirituality, the latest developments of this healing technique are outlined and illustrated with true stories of people from across the world.  Each one faced the challenges that blocked their way forward, and in choosing to receive Life Alignment, they experienced rapid healing in body, heart and mind.

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