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    It emits a frequency that helps to transform the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and toxic energies within the space.  It converts or transmutes the toxic energies to light energy, creating an atmosphere that is healing and filled with vitality.  It has a profound effect on the people occupying the space who have reported a sense of clarity, balance, peace and well-being.  Many have reported experiencing relief from pain and other symptoms.

    The Rainbow card is placed on the frame of the front door which, following Feng Shui principles, connects with the flow of energy entering the building.  When testing with applied kinesiology (muscle testing) or dowsing, it is found that all electrical appliances, computers, television, as well as battery run appliances that are not plugged in to the electrical circuit, test positive.  These fields will be in harmony with the body's bio-energetic field - in other words, they will not have a harmful effect on people.  This will also apply to geopathic stress and EMF's (electromagnetic fields) from external sources such as high tension wires and transformers.

    The effect of the Rainbow Card spreads through the electrical grid system and will have a positive influence over a large area.  Testing has shown that the electromagnetic fields in neighboring buildings that are connected to the same electrical grid have also been neutralised.  This indicates a profound effect on the entire environment.

    Personal Healing:  The Rainbow card can also be used on the body to heal, relieve pain, balance the chakras and for enhancing meditation.  It has been shown to have a profound effect on aligning the body.

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