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Home Alignment Testimonials

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"I’ve been seeing Cherry regularly for life alignment for many years now and decided that having my home aligned was really important. We have a two year toddler, a new baby on its way and both my husband and I work from home so ensuring that we have the most harmonious environment for our family is crucial to me.  During the house alignment it was uncanny how Cherry pinpointed issues and blockages in the house that related to different family members. What I found most profound was that the blockages that showed in the first session (many of which had dominated my life) had been completely resolved by the time we had the second session. Since this work, the house feels lighter - we are connecting better as a family and both of our business’s are busier than before. There seems to be a flow and ease now and I have no hesitation in linking this to the work that Cherry did.”                                        - P J, Hatfield
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit
"Thank you for an amazing Home Alignment workshop in Oslo in October.  I love the way you teach.  I have gotten to know you through Body Spin, Module 1 and 2, this year.  You have such a wonderful warm and lovely way of being.     The enthusiasm and the humour you spread is very contagious.  Home Alignment is like the icing on the cake of              Life Alignment.  It makes the whole technology come together.  Topping it with the astrology birth chart balance, made me feel really at home.  I had so much fun!  Life Alignment has become very dear to me.  I am so grateful I found it, and all the lovely people, including you!”                                            - M W Norway